Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue Sky Sunday

When I got up this morning it glowed rosy orange through my window. As the sun rose brightly over the horizon, melting the heavy frost, I drove with friends to visit St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church. It was good to visit with friends on the expedition, and to worship in that church with others I had only met once before. By the time we were driving home the sun was high and it was easy to imagine that the grays and browns of the landscape would soon change to greens under the warmth of that azure sky.

The afternoon was filled with walking and visiting, enjoying the sunshine and dear friends. After dinner I worked in the still bright ceramics studio until the stars came out. On the way home I paused to look at the distant points of light in the blackness above and picked out familiar Orion before heading indoors.

It was not a day for pondering the complexities of life or even for blogging. So even while this blog is not a journal, I thought that this entry would have to take that form. This week, today was what I wanted to share. It was a day for nurturing a spirit of thankfulness, for shoving that complaining spirit far far away and for reminding me of good things - especially of God's goodness. I am thankful for the gift of this blue-sky Sunday.

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