Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unmaking makes the world

I feel the need to rest, so I turn to one who is better at resting - and writing- than I, and share with you a poem by Wendell Berry. I feel as though I have been in this place (in the poem), and hope to return again some Sabbath soon.

The year relents, and free
Of work, I climb again
To where the old trees wait,
Time out of mind. I hear
Traffic down on the road,
engines high overhead.
And then a quiet comes,
A cleft in time, silence
Of metal moved by fire;
the air holds little voices,
Titmice and chickadees,
Feeding through the treetops
Among the new small leaves,
calling again to mind
The grace of circumstance,
Sabbath economy
In which all thought is song,
All labor is a dance.
The world is made at rest,
In ease of gravity.
I hear the ancient theme
In low world-shaping song
Sung by the falling stream.
here where a rotting log
Has slowed the flow: a shelf
Of dark soil, level laid
Above the bumbled stone.
Roots fasten it in place.It will be here a while;
What holds it here decays.
A richness from above,
Brought down, is held, and holds
A little while in flow.
Stem and leaf grow from it.
At cost of death, it has
A life. Thus falling founds,
Unmaking makes the world.

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  1. I like this too! Don't these "places" call to you? Make you want to come back to them, even if just in your mind--a place of quiet where you really rest and hear your soul.