Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jesus of no generation and all time

"The glory of Jesus Christ is that he is always out of sync with the world and therefore always relevant for the world.  If he fit nicely, he would be of little use. The effort to remake the Jesus of the Bibles so that he fits the spirit of one generation makes him feeble in another.  Better to let him be what he his, because it is often the offensive side of Jesus that we need most."

So writes John Piper in his little book Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ.  Isn't that a relief?  We don't need to try to find and interpret a 'Jesus for this generation'.  We just need to find Jesus.  A real person.  Our Savior.  Our God.

Jesus Today
I find that sometimes I get so busy making connections between what Jesus says and my generation and culture that I forget that he is a real, living person.  He will never fit into my box and I am so thankful for that.

Is this true to your experience as well? What practical steps do you think we can take to know and listen to this Jesus - magnificent and loving and sometimes offensive - who lives today?

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