Monday, March 4, 2013

thoughts on monasticism

I recently wrote a piece for the Trinity Forum Academy blog that I thought you might like to read:
Bethany Little on The Monastic Life


  1. Hi Bethany,

    I just read your blog post on monasticism and your experience of community life together at the TFA. It is a moving reflection that provoked longing for deeper community when I read it. At the same time, this evening we were in our small group in our local church and we came away knowing that we were being nourished by a loving community of caring fellow pilgrims.

    I have experienced deep community in ministry contexts around the world. There is something about partaking in a shared mission together that deepens everything about the life that is shared in the journey of faith and obedience together.

    Great, rich reflections! And may God draw your TFA community closer and deeper into him in your remaining months together.


    1. Thanks!

      It's helpful to consider the value of a shared mission as something that deepens community. I will have to think more about that as I reflect on the mission of the church, etc.