Monday, October 28, 2013

theology of reading

Why do you read?  How do you read?

I listened to a brief talk by Tony Reinke who called reading "a difficult pleasure."  He also wrote a book called Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books.

I think difficult pleasure is a good way to describe it.  For me I enjoy reading, but often it is hard to regularly make the time to do it.  And if I don't make the time, then infrequent reading becomes difficult.  Soon I find it's hard to get back into books, and they become items on a to-do list - which is not where they belong.

One could argue that every Christian who is capable should be reading regularly.  Their Bibles, yes, but also much more.

What do you think?  Do find reading to be a "difficult pleasure"?  Is reading a significant part of your life?  What patterns of reading have you found helpful?

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