Friday, November 29, 2013

are you ready?

Thanksgiving is over.  You are coming out of a turkey coma and perhaps thinking about some exercise.  Your next thought should be Christmas shopping and black Friday deals, right?

Wrong.  Your next thought should be Advent (this Sunday!).  Those who know me well have heard this before, but since I know some of you are saying, "what?!", I will explain.

In many ways, the first Sunday in Advent is like New Years day for Christians: it is the first day in the liturgical church year.  Every year the church walks through the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, and finally the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Sunday begins this cycle again.  Are you ready?

The celebration of Advent is so much more than an antidote to the frantic consumeristic culture around us.   To get you started:

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Last year I sat in this chapel with the others in my community, praying, singing, reading by candlelight, watching, hoping.  Each week we lit more candles, anticipating the coming of Christ.

This year for me, there will be different people praying in a different space.  But again we will wait and watch and together.  Again we will enact this story of the incarnation.  Again we will hope.

What will you do this year?

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